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Crisis becomes a “dangerous” Opportunity if you give of yourself

I am listening to a series of commentaries on the teachings of Jim Rohn through Success Magazine. The one to which I listened today was by Denis Waitley.1 He covered a discussion that Jim Rohn had about the Chinese characters … Continue reading

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FEAR – False Evidence – Action Required

I have an old enough vehicle that all it has is a cassette tape player, so I took out a group of motivation tapes and started listening to them on a long drive. One side was by Jeremy Stansfield talking … Continue reading

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What Are You Worth?

Too often we consider our own worth based on our income, health/looks, companions, occupation, ethnic heritage, age, gender, or any other number of items and thoughts. These might have some influence on us, but none of them are who we … Continue reading

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Intent is Necessary, but not Sufficient

Intent is just desire. To live a full life you must be doing, or living an intentional life. I have been looking into some of the writing of John C Maxwell and like what I have been able to gather so … Continue reading

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Choose your Supplements Wisely

There are approximately 1500 multivitamins and multiminerals available in North America. It is easy just to go to the store and choose the cheapest brand available. This may not be the best approach. I would advise looking at independent testing … Continue reading

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Convergent verse Divergent Thinking

Convergent Thinking – where ideas coalesce around one way of thinking that can produce a common goal or guidance. This is important for a group to eventually move forward and achieve greatness. Divergent Thinking – brainstorming, coming up with many … Continue reading

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Prosperity, and Attitudes that Make It Possible

To stay healthy, one needs to have the income to afford general health care needs.  This includes good health care and products that may help in that regard. I was asked by a friend to read The Science of Getting … Continue reading

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