Noun Table

Book-IT System Noun List
Identified Object Noun Identified Attribute Noun Notes On Including The Noun as a thing to store
Person employees and customers are people
Customer Customer is owner of Account
CustomerID Independent ID to find a specific customer even with the same name as another
CustomerRentalAgreement The customers rental agreement type (i.e. 1 book per month, 3 books per month.)
CustomerActive Flag Is this a currently active customer or are they no longer a customer?
Employee Covers shipping, phone and receiving reps.
EmployeeID Unique ID # for employee’s in case of same or like names.
SSN Social Security Number
Job The employee’s position in the company
Account Account contains billing information pertaining to the customer.
AccountID Unique account ID.
Credit Card Number
Book a unique book with its own number
BookID A unique ID for a specific book, not a title.
Title title of the book
Author author of the book
Publisher publisher of the book
CurrentlyOut Flag is the book currently checked out or is it in inventory?
RemovedFromCirculation Flag The book is destroyed.  The ID is not used again and is kept in data as a record.
Statement Billing statement regarding customer and book.
StatementID Unique ID that is used for more than one statement that share the same account # and Statement Date.
Statement Date The date the statement object is created.
isStatementClosed is this statement object closed or is the book still out?
bookShippedDate The date this book was shipped out to the customer.
Want List Item The desired list of books belonging to a customer, or books that they have wanted in the past.
Wantlist Date Added The date this wantlist object was created.
Main Main Program
lastCustomerID the last used ID of this type.
lastStatementID the last used ID of this type.
lastBookID the last used ID of this type.
lastAccountID the last used ID of this type.
lastEmployeeID the last used ID of this type.
Controller Main Controller
InventoryController Inventory Controller
Print Printing Controller
ReportGenerator Report Controller
CustomerIDGenerator Generator for Customer ID’s
BookIDGenerator Generator for Book ID’s
StatementIDGenerator Generator for Statement ID’s
EmployeeIDGenerator Generator for Employee ID’s
AccountIDGenerator Generator for Account ID’s