Microsoft Word

This page is intended to help with taking the Microsoft Office Word Certification exam. It is a series of videos describing a way to do various Microsoft Office Word tasks. Know the Ribbon first.

Microsoft Office Word Ribbon

The ribbon consists of the backstage view (File) for controlling the product. It also has tabs that contain commands to execute on the file or parts of file. The tabs are:

  • Home – main, most used commands, usually doing with basic font and paragraph formatting.
  • Insert – think of something to insert (except for section breaks), it goes here.
  • Draw – for hand-highlighting material on a page, to enter mathematical formulas.
  • Design – General formatting for the entire document, including themes, colors, borders, etc.
  • Layout – general page layout, including margins, size, columns, section breaks, paragraphs.
  • References – TOC, footnotes, citations, paper style (APA/MLA), acronyms, index
  • Mailings – postal mail and e-mail, address book
  • Review – Thesaurus, comment & content tracking & merging, compare, protection
  • View – print v web layout, outline, multiple windows for single file, macros, properties
  • Help – All things helpful


Formatting paragraphs is important to creating appealing documents. It is also a key part to passing the certification exam. I have added sections on creating headers, section breaks, and creating a Table of Contents to this video. Please let me know if it is helpful.

I would enjoy hearing from you.

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