Graphical User Interfaces

Most development environments allow users to develop code in a Console. You can change colors of fonts and make simple drawings using characters. It is easy to set colors on a Console window. However, to do more appealing work, a graphical user interface should be used. GUI‘s are usually implemented through incorporating library methods into your code. The GUI‘s can vary from an enhanced console window through frameworks for creating tools to libraries developed for writing games. As I research various topics, I will add files linked to the topics below. The interfaces will be divided by the languages they support.


Java is a language developed by Sun Micro Systems to fix some of the problems they saw in C++ and was developed to run on any system by compiling to bytecodes that will run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The GUI’s associated with Java include a library (JavaFX) that comes with the Java environment, a Development Environment (Android Studio) that helps develop apps for cell phones, and a way to modify Minecraft.

  • JavaFX
  • Android Studio
  • Minecraft


C++ was developed by Bell Labs, based on C, when the engineers saw the benefits of Object Oriented programming. Understanding classes and how to use object oriented programming is a key to the last two items on this list. Added color to a console is a bit simpler. All three will use Visual Studio – Community Edition as the development environment. The three topics to be covered here are:

  • Console – how to enhance a basic console window.
  • Motif – library to help build tools with a standard graphic user interface.
  • Unreal 4 – game development engine.


C# is a proprietary language developed by Microsoft when it could not enhance Java in the way it wanted to do so. It is vey similar to Java with some C++ features and other features that the engineers at Microsoft wanted. The only library discussed here is a base for a game engine.

  • unity

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