Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins

I started teaching at Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins in August 2017. I have provided schedules for each semester and pages for each class which include assignments and other pertinent information.

Starting in the Spring of 2018, I taught all Computer Science classes. Starting in the Fall of 2018, I am teaching exclusively at the high school. I earned my CTE (Career and Technical Education) certification in both STEM Science/Technology/Engineering/Math and IT (Information Technology). The IT Certifications are both at the High School and Community College levels. These certifications are in addition to my Colorado Professional Teaching Certificate. All of my high school Computer Science classes are through Front Range Community College.

The IT program is part of the CTE program as set up by the Colorado Association of Career and Technical Education (CACTE). Certain standards apply to properly setting up such a program. This includes creating a program with year-long sequences, which students are encouraged to complete. Classes will be taught both at CECFC and Front Range Community College. The proposed sequences include the following (subject to the availability of qualified instruction):

SeqFirst SemesterSecond SemesterDescription
1.CIS118 – Introduction to PC Applications
or test out
CSC119 – Introduction to ProgrammingThese two courses form the basis of most FRCC Computer Information Systems Certification programs
2.CIS135 – PC Word ProcessingCIS155 – PC Spreadsheet Concepts: ExcelComplete 1. with this and 3. to earn FRCC Application Specialist Certificate
3.CIS145 – PC Database: ACCESSCIS243 – Introduction to SQLBasis for FRCC Database and Web Development certifications
4.CSC160 – Computer Science I: (Language)CSC161 – Computer Science II: (Language)Doing 1., 3., and this will bring you within 6 hours of earning your FRCC Programming Certificate
5a.CNG 120 – A+ Certification PreparationCNG 124 – Networking I: Network +With this sequence, you will have the basics for Windows system administration
5b.CNG 132 – Network Security FundamentalsCNG 212 – Configuring Windows ServerCompleting 5a. and 5b. gives you the FRCC Microsoft Server Administration Certificate
5c.CSC 233 Object-oriented Programming (Lang)TBD – Game DesignUnderstanding OOP is critical to good game design. The second course will be developed and may not be a college class.

Student Accounts

Students now have their own student accounts. The login is:

[email protected]

Please see me about obtaining a temporary password (which you must change as soon as possible).

Semester Schedules

Spring 2019

These are my classes for the Spring Semester of 2019.

  1. 7:50AM-8:45AM (HS228) MWF – CIS118 – Introduction to PC Applications
  2. 8:50AM-9:45AM (HS228) MWF – CIC118 – Introduction to PC Applications
  3. 9:50AM-10:45AM (HS228) MWF – CSC119 – Introduction to Programming (C++)
  4. 10:50AM-11:45AM (HS228/Lunch/Walk) – Lunch
  5. 11:50AM-12:45PM (HS228) MTWF – CSC160 – Introduction to Computer Science (Java)
  6. 12:50PM-1:45PM (HS218) MTWTF – MAT090 – Geometry
  7. 1:50PM-2:45PM (Office/Walk) – Planning

Fall 2018

These are my classes for the Fall Semester of 2018.

Spring 2018

These are my classes for the Spring Semester of 2018.

Fall 2017

These are my classes for the Fall Semester of 2017:


A little humor is always helpful, especially when it comes to teaching mathematics concepts. A friend and co-mathematics teacher posted this and I thought it was too precious to not share:

How to find the volume of a Cylinder/Disk