What Now and Not Why Me

We have all experienced some rough patches in our lives. The question is what did we each do at that time? Did we sit and say: “Why Me?” or did we ask: “What have I learned and what do I do now?” The most recent “Why Me?” experience was writing this article. When I tried to improve the Readability the entire content (about six paragraphs) just went away.

When things occur in my life that are hard, it is too easy to feel sorry for myself and stop trying. However, if I think about what happened and why it happened, I can start knitting together some initial plans to move forward. My biggest downfall is when I feel sorry for myself, I start playing Microsoft Solitaire. I try to avoid that because there are so many better uses for my time. Solitaire is sold as a way to keep a person’s mind active. When I improve my lessons that I am teaching this week, I find that better than Solitaire. Are there some habits that are hard to break and are not the best use of time?

When a problem appears that I am having a tough time solving, I find exercise is a good way to clear my mind. I concentrate on my physical activity and am often inspired to create some novel solutions.

Not every problem is easily solved. People are born with ailments that they will have all their lives. When I look at my son’s heart condition, I know it is “not fair.” I have learned so much from him. His attitude is usually great. There are times when he gets down on himself, but he works through the problem he usually finds a solution.

Not all lessons are immediately obvious, but eventually we will realize what lessons we have learned. There are consequences to every situation. The consequences might be hard to accept, but it is up to us to decide how we react.

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