Spring 2023


The schedule for this semester is different than previous semesters. This is due to having an after-school class to help students earn an industry certification. CECFC will have all in-class instruction. Assignments will be given through D2L through FRCC for CECFC for the programming classes. Submittals will also be through D2L. All conversations will be through Microsoft Teams. For the C++ classes, students will be required to have Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Community Edition (free for students and includes C++ compiler). For the Java class, students will be required to have Java (TM) SE Development Kit 19 (64-bit) or newer and IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Development Environment. GitHub is required for more complex projects in C++ and later in the semester for Java. When required, I have a lesson on how to download and use GitHub. For CIS118, we will be using TestOut Office Pro (Microsoft Office 2019). For CIS118 the goal is to earn your Microsoft Office Specialist Word, Excel, and PowerPoint certifications to earn your Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Associate Certificate.

Push Goal for CIS1018

A push goal is to earn your Access, Word, and Excel Expert Certificates. Many students were able to earn all nine certificates in one semester.

If there are any questions, please contact me at

[email protected]

Course Schedule

CECFC Academic Calendar

FRCC Academic Calendar

Important Dates

  • First Day of Class: 4 January (Wednesday)
  • Martin Luther King Birthday (no school) 16 January (Monday)
  • Non-Attendance Reporting Deadline: 20 January (Friday)
  • Payment Deadline: N/A
  • Last Day to Drop with Refund: 1 February (Wednesday)
  • President’s Day (no school) 20 February (Monday)
  • Graduation Application Deadline: N/A
  • Spring Break: 13-17 March – Enjoy the week!
  • Student Feedback Forms Available: TBD
  • Last Day to Withdraw with “W”: 16 April (Saturday)
  • Student Feedback Forms Returned: Not Scheduled
  • Last Day of Class: 9 May (Tuesday)

Wayne Cook’s Schedule

The schedule for Spring 2022 For CECFC through Front Range Community College is:

PeriodTimeMonday through Friday
17:50-8:45CSC161 C++
28:50- 9:45Office Hour
39:50-10:45CIS118 MOS Certification
410:50-11:45CIS118 MOS Certification
612:50-1:45CSC160 Java
71:50-2:45Certification Lab M/W/F

I would enjoy hearing from you.

I would enjoy hearing from you.

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