Here is a list of some of the results our students have achieved during this class.  These are individual results and, as individual results, are not to imply any guarantee that everyone will have the same results.  To achieve their goals, the people had to comply with the program, including low glycemic eating and exercise (whether it be bicycle riding and swimming, on the job work, or working with Wii Fit).


Mark P. (27 April 2010):

Hi Wayne,

After six weeks, I have been very happy with the Cook Health Alliance class (based on the Trinity Health program) you have been hosting at your house.  I have learned many new things about the function of foods in our bodies and have used this information to improve my eating habits and my health.  Since starting the class and following the program, I have dropped 10 pounds and feel much better physically.  Most of all, my latest blood tests have shown a great improvement.  My triglycerides, which were at 272 mg/dl, have dropped to a healthy 123 mg/dl.  Also, my A1C is at 5.7, which is a non-diabetic level.  While I am also taking several medications for high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure, I feel that the new eating practices I have learned in your class have made the biggest contribution to my lower numbers.  Hopefully, as I continue with the program, I will loose more weight and reduce my need for medications.


Mark P


P1:  reduced fasting blood sugar from 174 to 141 in three weeks.

P2: lost the thirteen pounds he wanted to lose and has so much more energy that he can now jog between buildings at work and climb three flights of stairs.  His percentage body fat is now at a good level.

Me: I have lost 30 pounds and kept it off. Dropped my cholesterol dramatically so I could stay off statin medications. Please understand how statin drugs work and learn if there are any safer alternatives. I now have more daily energy and can go up and down two flights of stairs without having to stop.