Period 5 – Intro to Computer Science – Middle School – Spring 2018

Welcome to Introduction to Computer Science at the Middle School. The Spring 2018 Semester covers simple programming techniques for Python, HTML5, and JavaScript. It builds on the material learned in the Fall 2017 Semester covers Microsoft Office 2016 and how to use it for various projects at the middle school. We will start off with an introduction to Python during the first week and then proceed to HTML5 and JavaScript.



Instructor Name: Wayne Cook

Instructor WebsiteSchool and Detailed

Instructor Email: [email protected]


This course will follow Colorado Academic Standards for Computer Science and Technology. The units covered in this course will include:


  • Computers and needed software
  • Handouts and Lecture will be the main forms of providing lessons


  • Please bring a thumb (flash/jump/USB/etc.) drive to store your work
  • Notebook and pen/pencil


CECFC does not consider grades lower than 70% passing; we do not assign D’s as a grade. Students receiving a grade of 69 percent or below will be required to re-take this course

Letter grade Percentage

A90 – 100%
B80 – 89%
C70 – 79%
F69% and below Unsatisfactory

Semester Grade Components    (explain how you weigh grades – this is an example)

10% Semester Projects, papers, or exams
20% Tests and Quizzes
50% Daily Classroom Assignments
10% Homework*
10% Effort** (An effort grade is required). Core classes should be 10-15%.

Grading Components


Homework will vary depending on the unit. It is used to reinforce classroom learning, practice skills, and prepare for the next lesson. It is always better to attempt the problems than to skip the assignment. Homework will be geared towards the middle school level, producing a product that addresses the very basic elements of the project will earn 65% for the work.

**Effort grade

Required is doing the homework and in class assignments, as well as being an active and respectful participant, You also need to be on time, come prepared for class, and actively participating in classroom discussions and activities are all part of the effort grade.


If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, he or she may turn in the assignment at the start of the next class period. For every day absent, one additional day will be added to the due date.

If a student does not complete an assignment, he or she will lose 25% of the possible points the first day, and 50% the second day.  No work will be accepted three days late. Students who do not turn in homework will be assigned to a lunchtime study hall to complete the assignment. This rule will go into force when I have access to my Infinite Campus Gradebook for this class.



One person will speak at a time. You will respect all other people in the classroom.

Bathroom Policy

It is expected that students will use the bathroom before or after class, unless it is an emergency situation, or when accommodations are prearranged.

All existing CECFC rules and policies will apply and be enforced in this class.

Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for more information

All CECFC Policies are available at

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Corrected e-mail address, if necessary

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Rules for Class

All applicable Colorado Early Education – Fort Collins rules. In this class I have two rules that are very important to me:

  1. Treat each person in this room with the respect with which you would like to be treated.
  2. Except when in an organized group discussion, only one person speaks at a time.

The Schedule is under development and will be updated as it is developed.

Week 11-Python – Simple I/O Program
2-Use random number library
3-Create Loop
4-Write number guessing game
Week 2Python5-Error Handling
Week 3Python
Week 4HTML5
Week 5HTML5
Week 6HTML5
Week 7JavaScript
Week 8JavaScript
Week 9JavaScript
Week 10JavaScript
Week 11HTML5
Week 12HTML5
Week 13HTML5
Week 14Python
Week 15Python

Development Note

WW Cook portrait
Wayne Cook – Author

This file is created for the 2017-2018 Colorado Early Colleges Middle School Computer Science Class. The first year it is a work in progress. For my 2017-2018 class, please share your thoughts and desires of what you would like to learn. We will make this class the best class possible.