Combining CSC119 with CSC160

There are three possible combinations for students in this combined class. Most students are taking both CSC119 and CSC160, but there are a few students taking only CSC119 or only CSC160. This means that programming assignments must be listed in both classes. In addition, the CSC119 class also has topics for discussion. The preferred method for submitting programs and entering discussions is through D2L. The following guidelines apply to students in each combinations of classes.

  1. CSC119 and CSC160: Submit all programming assignments through the CSC160 class. Join the discussions on CSC119 but do not resubmit your programs here.
  2. CSC160 only: Submit your programs through the CSC160 D2L Assignment section.
  3. CSC119 only: Submit your programs through the CSC119 D2L Assignment section. You may join the Discussions listed, but they are not required for your grade. They could be fun and they are usually easy assignments that do help learning the material, but the choice is yours.