Microsoft PowerPoint

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Insert
    1. Zoom
    2. Hyperlink
  3. Transition


This page is geared more for people taking the Certiport Compass Certification Exam on PowerPoint. As I find areas that are common problem areas, I will add videos. I will place those videos under the proper Tab header. The ribbon across the top consists of:

  • File – Backstage View where most of the information on how to control the tool is stored.
  • Home – main, most used commands, mostly the basic slide formatting and arrangement.
  • Insert – think of something to insert from tables through Summary slides to Symbols and Media, it goes here.
  • Draw – for hand- highlighting material, entering mathematical formulas, shapes, drawings, and text.
  • Design – General formatting for the entire document, including themes, colors, borders, etc. Also helps with background formatting.
  • Transitions – how to move from one slide to the next, including visual and sound effects.
  • Animations– for animating items on each page on addition and removal of each item. Sequencing that animation.
  • Slide Show – Start slides from beginning or current, rehearse and start record.
  • Record – Full control for recording slide show, even if started from Slide Show.
  • Review – Check Accessibility, revision control and comments.
  • View – normal v outline layout, slide sorter, handout & note, color/B&W, slide arrangement.
  • Help – All things helpful


Besides the Home tab, the most used tab in PowerPoint. You can insert everything from new slides through tables, pictures, shapes, icons, forms, Zoom summary slides, text boxes, headers & footers, WordArt, Symbols and Media.


Zoom is a dropdown menu found in the Links group of the Insert tab. It has three choices:

  • Summary Zoom – create a slide with zooms to selected slides, usually put at the front or back.
  • Section Zoom – allows you to zoom to a different section of the slide presentation with an automatic return to the slide from which you zoomed.
  • Slide Zoom – Choose the slide or slides you want to insert. When you are presenting, select that slide to zoom to the referenced slide.

Hyperlinks are a reference to a different item either on the web or internal to the current document. WARNING: On the Microsoft Office PowerPoint test, there is usually a task for you to create an hyperlink based on a link on a slide. Type that link, do not copy and paste it. Copying and pasting the link will kill the test every single time. At that point, restart the project. This will bring you back to the start of the current task, so the work you have completed will not be lost.