Starting and using Visual Studio Community and Code for C++

We use Microsoft Visual Studio for developing C++ Code. Those with Microsoft Windows, students use Visual Studio Community. For iOS and Linux systems, Visual Studio Code is used. They are started in different ways. This file has videos describing both methods

Microsoft Visual Studio Community

The following video shows how to start a Visual Studio Community session. It sets up an empty project, after which you need to create a C++ (cpp) file. The following video shows how to do this. At the end, an .exe file is left in the Debug directory. Occasionally this .exe file cannot be overwritten by the compiler and thus needs to be renamed to allow a new compile to occur. This is only a rare occurrence that I have not seen recently, but users need to be aware of it.

Visual Studio Code

For those with Apple iOS or Linux systems, Microsoft Visual Studio Code must be used. IT is easy to edit code in VS Code for C++, but compiling and running code takes some special setup. In addition to the source code for the project, a .vscode directory with two files is required. The files are task.json for compilation rules and launch.json for execution rules for debugging. An introduction follows:


These examples show how to start a project. More information will be added as is needed.

I would enjoy hearing from you.

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