Using low-glycemic recipes is vitally important to your success.  As we find good websites and/or good individual recipes, we will  include  (when available) portion size, grams of protein, grams of good fat, and  glycemic index and load with our recipes.

Caution – Artificial Sweeteners

These recipes are provided for your review and use (and modification, if you would like). We are selecting the websites and recipes we post here. If one slips through that uses artificial sweeteners, please do not use the artificial sweeteners. Eating real sweeteners will help your body know when you have had enough to eat, while artificial sweeteners do not set off such a trigger. has an excellent article comparing sugars and artificial sweeteners. In tests, those who eat artificial sweeteners are not “satisfied” and thus eat more and gain more weight and fat.


These are websites of interest.  We have not tried all of the recipes, so please use discretion on which you choose to try.  We will mark any website that we have not yet tried.

  1. Sanoviv Medical Institute was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz as a holistic healing center. It has a great vegetarian cookbook, which can be downloaded for free.

Recommended Books

Here are a few books that we recommend, that contain low glycemic recipes.

  1. Healthy for Life; Ray D. Strand, MD;  Real Life Press (2004/2995);  ISBN o-9747308-4-XRecipes in the back of the book, we highly recommend the book for general reading (purchase at:
  2. How to Get Kids to Eat Great and Love It!;  Christine Wood, MD; KidsEatGreat Inc. (2006); ISBN 0-9673387-1-9 – Recipes interspersed in various sections of the book, we highly recommend this book for parents who are teaching their children how to live a healthy life (purchase at:
  3. Low Glycemic Meals in Minutes; Laura Kalina (Registered Dietitian) and Cheryl Christian (Certified Personal Trainer); Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication (2008); ISBN 978-1-895984-31-6 – Great low glycemic recipes that can be prepared quickly (purchase at:
  4. Eating the Greek Way; Fedon Alexander Lindberg, M.D.; Clarkson Potter Publishers, New York, New York (2006); ISBN 978-0-307-38110-1; Greek recipes that include the glycemic load, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber for each recipe (purchase at:  Unfortunately this book is out of print, so you need to look at where used or unsold books are offered)

Additional Recipes

This section is under construction.  We need to verify that all references are properly made and all credits are given, where needed.

The purpose of this section is to give you some ideas to create healthy dishes. If you have any suggestions or good recipes that follow a few simple rules, I would be glad to add them to our collection.

Rules for Inclusion

  1. No artificial sweeteners
  2. Minimal added sugar (preferably no added sugar)
  3. No Genetically Modified Organisms (no GMOs)
  4. Any meats should be antibiotic free
  5. Where possible, organically grown plants (especially for the “dirty dozen”

Some recipes will not yet have a connection, clicking on these will give you a page-not-found error.  I will leave the place holders in until an actual connection is created.

Here are the sections, again if you have any suggestions please let us know.