Fall 2022

The Computer Science Department at CECFC has multiple offerings for the Fall 2022 Semester. The courses are divided between Mr. Wayne Cook (me) and Ms. Chun Pfahnl. Ms. Pfahnl is offering the Fundamental Introduction to Computers. I am offering a two class sequence in C++ and in Java. I am also offering CIS118 Introduction to PC Applications, an overview of Microsoft Office.

Mr. Pfahnl will provide a description of her classes on her own site.

For Mr. Cook (me), the initial coding class is CSC160 (4 hours) and will meet second period five days per week. In the fall, you will be introduced to the basics of C++ during this class. Work outside of class is expected since this is your first programming class. The last class of the sequence is CSC161, offered first period. It is for those who have completed CSC160 with Java. I am currently looking for ways, that at the end of this courses, you are able to earn your Java certification. For the Spring, the language in each class (1st Period CSC161 and 2nd Period CSC160) will be reversed.

General Class Descriptions

Anyone in C++ or Java classes are eligible to compete in the Technical Student Association (TSA) State Conference Competition in February (or early March) and the HP Spring Coding Competition, HP CodeWars. Those who do well at the TSA State Conference will be eligible to compete in the TSA National Conference during the summer of 2023. Please see your advisor for more information. The last class I am offering is the Microsoft Office Specialist class. It is CIS118 and worth three credits. It meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during third, fifth, and seventh periods. There is an associated PC Lab offered Tuesdays and Thursdays each week in the same room.

In the PC Applications class, you are expected to earn your Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With this you will earn your Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certification. You also have the opportunity to earn MOS Expert Certifications in Access, Word, and Excel. Earning it in any two of these will earn you the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert Certification also. The class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with PC Labs and MOS Certification testing on Tuesday and Thursday (or by appointment).

Academic Schedule

  • Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins School Calendar
  • Front Range Community College School Calendar
  • First Day of Class: 8 August (Monday)
  • Labor Day (no school) 5 September (Monday)
  • Non-Attendance Reporting Deadline: N/A
  • Payment Deadline: N/A
  • Last Day to Drop with Refund: 6 September (Tuesday)
  • Teacher Professional Development (no school) 23 September (Friday)
  • Teacher Professional Development (no school) 19 October (Wednesday)
  • Fall Break (no school) 20-21 October (Thursday-Friday)
  • CEC Founder Keith King Day 24 October (Monday) – regular classes
  • Graduation Application Deadline: N/A
  • Thanksgiving Break: 21-25 November – Enjoy the week!
  • Student Feedback Forms Distributed: 28-30 November
  • Last Day to Withdraw with “W”: 1 December (Thursday) – approximate
  • Student Feedback Forms Returned: 28 November (Sunday)
  • Final Exams: 9-10 and 6-9 December
  • Last Day of Class: 9 December (Friday)

Class Schedule

The following is the Fall 2021 Schedule. this is only the preliminary schedule and will have pointers to each of my classes. It is subject to change as the schedule becomes finalized.

  1. 7:50AM-8:45AM (HS228) M-F – CSC161 – Computer Science II (Java)
  2. 8:50AM-9:45AM (HS228) M-F – CSC160 – Computer Science I (C++)
  3. 9:50AM-10:45AM (HS228) M-F – CIC118 – Introduction to PC Applications
  4. 10:50AM-11:45AM (Lunch/Faculty/Prep) M-F
  5. 11:50AM-12:45PM (HS228) M-F – CIC118 – Introduction to PC Applications
  6. 12:50PM-1:45PM (HS230/Faculty/Prep) M-F
  7. 1:50PM-2:45PM (HS228) – M-F – CIC118 – Introduction to PC Applications