Fall 2019

The Computer Science Department at CECFC is increasing our offerings for the Fall 2019 Semester. If you ever wanted to tear apart and build a computer and see how one works, now is your opportunity. We are offering an A+ Certification class first period. If you are interested in being a better programmer, we are offering a three-class sequence compressed into two semesters. The first two classes are taught at the same time. CSC119 (3 hours) and CSC160 (4 hours) will be taught at the same time. It will meet sixth period five days per week. You will learn both C++ and Java during this class. Work outside of class is expected since we are putting seven hours worth of material into five hours per week in class. The last class of the sequence is CSC161, offered seventh period. It is for those who have completed CSC160. At the end of these courses, you will be able to earn your Java certification. Anyone in these classes will be eligible to compete in the Technical Student Association (TSA) State Conference Competition and the HP Spring Coding Competition. Those who do well at the TSA State Conference will be eligible to compete in the TSA National Conference. Please see your advisor for more information.

The following is the Fall 2019 Schedule. this is only the preliminary schedule and will have pointers to each of my classes. It is subject to change as the schedule becomes finalized.

  1. 7:50AM-8:45AM (HS417) M-F – HS-CNG – IT PC Pro Certification
  2. 8:50AM-9:45AM (HS228) MWF – CIC118 – Introduction to PC Applications
  3. 9:50AM-10:45AM (HS228) MWF – CIC118 – Introduction to PC Applications
  4. 10:50AM-11:45AM (HS228/Lunch/Walk) – Lunch
  5. 11:50AM-12:45PM (HS228/Faculty/Prep) MTWF –
  6. 12:50PM-1:45PM (HS228) M-F – Dual Class
    CSC119 – Introduction to Programming (C++)
    CSC160 – Introduction to Computer Science (C++)
  7. 1:50PM-2:45PM (HS228) – MTWF – CSC161 – Computer Science II (Java)