Colorado Association of Career and Technical Education

As a STEM/STEAM school, we are part of the Colorado Association of Career and Technical Education (CACTE). To be a part of this, we offer our students opportunities in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math fields of study. We are involved with the Technical Student Association and VEX Robotics. Each have their own events:

  1. VEX Robotics
  2. VEX Robotics

Technical Student Association (TSA)

The main organization with which we are associated is the Technical Student Association (TSA). TSA has a yearly conference at the Denver Tech Center. I am including two sets of pictures to give you a better idea of what is available for students at the TSA State Conference. Winners at the state level are invited to compete at the national level.

Pictures – Group 1

General pictures from the State Conference

Pictures – Group 2

At the rubber band raceway.

Sometimes we serve communities, including sharing what we do:

Showing what we do

Students showing their projects

Coding competitions are fun

Compete with computers and coding

<h2><a id=”VEX” name=VEX”>VEX Robotics

We have a VEX Robotics team and are a member of the Technical Student Association (TSA). I will include pictures of events here.

VEX Robotics – 19 January 2019

Some pictures from the event today.

VEX Robotics 2019.01.19

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