Fall 2020

The schedule for this semester is different than previous semesters. This is due to splitting my classes between three schools, CECFC (Fort Collins), CECCR (Castle Rock), and RCS (Resurrections Christian) as well as the effects of COVID-19. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be split between CECFC and RCS. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be at Castle Rock in the morning and Fort Collins in the afternoon. If we are given the green light to teach in class, all CECFC and RCS classes will be with the students at school while CECCR classes will mostly be remote with some classes held on the Castle Rock campus. Assignments will be given through D2L (through FRCC for CECFC and RCS plus through Arapahoe for CECCR). Submittals will also be through D2L. All conversations, including remote teaching, will be through Microsoft Teams. For the C++ classes, students will be required to have Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Community Edition (free for students and includes C++ compiler). For the Java class, students will be required to have Java(TM) SE Development Kit 14.0.1 (64-bit) or newer and IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Development Environment. GitHub is required for more complex projects later in the semester. When required, I have a lesson on how to download and use GitHub.

If there are any questions, please contact me at

[email protected]

Wayne Cook’s Schedule

The schedule for Fall 2020 For CECFC and RCS through Front Range Community College is:

Monday and WednesdayFriday
7:50-8:45CSC 161 Java – CECFC7:50-8:45CSC 161 Java – CECFC
8:50- 9:45CECFC CSC 160 C++ 8:50- 9:45CECFC CSC 160 C++
9:50-1:50Open Lab  CECFC
Virtual Availability

9:50- 10:45Virtual Availability CECFC
1:50-2:35Travel & prep at RCS Available on arrival at RCS11:50-12:45Virtual Availability
Open Lab RCS

2:35-3:30RCS CSC 119 C++2:35-3:30RCS CSC 119 C++
Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins & Resurrection Christian School Schedule via Front Range Community College

The schedule for Fall 2020 For CECCR through Arapahoe Community College is:

Tuesday and Thursday
7:30-10:50Remote availability Planning CECCR
8:45- 9:55

CSC 119 C++ – Castle Rock
10:50- 11:45
Lunch/Open Lab CECRC
11:50-12:45Virtual Availability
Open Lab CECRC

12:50-4:00Open Lab and Remote availability/planning
Schedule for Colorado Early Colleges Castle Rock via Arapahoe Community College

In the past, I have also taught the CIS118 Introduction to PC Applications class. I am not teaching this class this semester. However, I have created a Syllabus for this class in order to require Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exams. To access this proposed Syllabus, go here.