Some Days You Feel Lucky, But….


CATERS_Great_White_Shark_Seal_Sequence_11-1024x682Are there some days where you just say: “Boy, do I feel lucky to only be in a precarious position but what is the best way to move forward.”  This could be for all sorts of reasons, from loss of a job through loss of health.  Most cases do have a way out, but we need to use our heads (and hearts) to determine the best way forward.  Asking a good friend for help or advice is a good way to help us determine a good path. They may have been through a similar situation before.  They may be aware of options that of which we may not be aware. Use all the resources available to make the best possible decision in the time you have allotted. Most the time, there is enough time to do things right.  But in certain circumstances a quick decision is required.  What got me thinking about this was a picture I saw on Bing that was credited back to CNN.

Being a mentor is a good way of helping others, but at various points in each of our careers we each will need a good mentor who has done what we are just starting. Choose wisely.  If I am starting a completely new path, then I will gather around some people I trust and bounce ideas off of them.  Most likely, a good mentor has already traveled a similar path.  However, what their skill is, is to know how to find a good path forward.  In the picture, there are probably three directions the seal could jump that are a lot safer than the fourth.  Using a mentor before any of us gets in a position like this, will help each of us determine the best path forward to power us toward success. There are times when each of us get in a situation that requires good decision making skills.  Hopefully, though we lay out a way that removes such dire situations.  However, health problems and job layoffs do occur and we need to have plans to deal with such situations.  Having a mentor, or at lease someone with whom we can exchange ideas, is critical to our future success.

I personally have a few people at Northern Colorado Networking that I trust. I also have several students who have graduated who trust me. When we learn new material, the best way to retain what we have learned is to teach others. Be generous. Knowledge is to be shared. The world is much richer when we both accept and provide thoughtful mentoring.

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