Using Teams to Hold Online Meetings

Since we will all be required to create online content and hold on-line meetings while CECFC is closed, I decided to research as much as I could on how to hold and record meetings. The Microsoft documentation is good, but it has a few different features than our version of Teams (i.e. a Meetings tab instead of a Calendar tab on the left side of the tool). An example of their tutorials is:

I had to do a little research to plan for my class. I decided to create my own YouTube Channel to share what I have learned. My first video is:

Brady Taylor asked me to create some training for Microsoft Word and Excel. I am learning how to do that online and would enjoy teaching students various aspects of technology, including how to create YouTube channels and share appropriate content on it. There are several things students should know before graduating from high school/community college. This includes basic Microsoft Office skills, basic maintenance for Microsoft Windows and Linux systems, fundamentals of setting up a website, general programming principals, graphic design, etc. It would be nice to have an introductory course that these topics could be presented and then encourage our students to go more in-depth in the areas that they enjoy.

Having two teams at the same meeting

I have looked through the Microsoft Documentation and I could not find anything about having a meeting with two teams. I did find a work-around for that. It consists of adding the other class’ members as members of the first class and them including them on the calendar event. Remind students that they have to accept each meeting to be notified of the meeting. Following is how I combined two classes. If anyone has a better way, please let me know and I will redo the video.

Making a recording Available to Multiple Classes

This is a simple task. Go to the video you want to copy and do the following:

  1. Click on the triple periods to the right of the video
  2. Select “Link”
  3. A dialog box will appear, then click the Copy button
  4. Go to the class where you want the video shared
  5. In a box where you can enter text, right-click and select “Paste”
  6. Wait for the video to fully download, then send the message to your students.
  7. Your students should now be able to follow the link to Microsoft Streams and watch the video in their browser

One word of warning, the videos are stored in Microsoft Streams and are easy to delete. leaving a link in Teams with no accompanying video.

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