Thrive in Hard Classes

Sometimes a class will seem tough, especially at first, especially when there has been a summer to forget everything you have learned. Do not give up too easily, because this is when each of us learn the most. Strive to remember and strive to learn what is not remembered. It will be remember if we try. Remembering then learning something new each day is the best use of our time.

We all need to stretch and do something we have never done before. That is the beauty of taking difficult classes. I am working to remember to jot down something I have learned each day. Our age makes no difference, we can each learn something new. I know that what may seem like the most difficult tasks, those objective that seem like they are almost impossible to achieve, are the tasks in our lives that are the most rewarding. Have you ever accomplished something that you were thrilled that you were able to do. There are many times in my life, in both career and family, that have been difficult challenges but the rewards are well worth the effort. Giving up is not really a good first option. There are often many different ways to solve a difficult problem. We each need to look for the way that serves us best.

At times we all fail, that is normal. It is what we do with those failures. One saying I have developed over the years is that there are usually two types of events that we remember the most, great successes and learning opportunities. Notice that failure is not included here. Sometimes we fall, but as Denzel Washington says, when we fall we need to fall forward so that we can see what is in front of us:

Fall forward, try something new each day. Love life and live it fully. Learn to help others and help them succeed. You will receive more successes in your life than you can ever imagine. We each need to be our best and that will make the world around us a much better place.

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