Things Break, People Matter

I heard this phrase a few weeks ago in Church, and I have been thinking about it since then. People are far more important in our lives than things. It may take some of us a while to realize that, but the sooner we understand the importance of other people in our lives the better our lives will be. Treating things (or an organization’s budget) as more important than the people.


There are good leaders and bad managers. I have seen both. Good leaders care about the people and do everything they can to make each individual succeed. Bad managers look at the bottom line and if that means letting members of the team go, they do not hesitate. Good leaders may struggle with their budgets, but there are things that they can change or eliminate to keep the people who help the organization succeed.


In families, especially with young children, things fall and break. That happens. Accept it. Most of the time, it is an accident. My reaction is what is important. How do I treat the children in my home when something breaks? How do I react? What lesson did I learn? What lesson did the child learn? Things Break, People Matter. I believe that families are important. It is painful if there is an empty chair around the dining room table. Part of the People Matter part of that phrase is raising children to become adults with whom you want to associate. Helping each child to choose their own path and to have the tools to succeed is even more important than working with people in an organization.


I know that taking care of others and helping them to succeed has to start with myself. I cannot help others unless I am in a place where I have the tools and means to do so. It is difficult, but making sure that people are more important than things is vital for any family or organization to succeed.

Things Break, People Matter

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