Don’t Act, Be!

I recently saw an interesting movie with a good, but previously used, plot. It had one good actor, mostly adequate actors in supporting roles, and one actor in a major role who tried too hard. When someone has read books on acting and tries to act the emotion required for a scene, it just does not work. If she had just thought about how she would personally feel in a particular scene instead of forcing the emotions, it would be a much better movie.

I was thinking about how that relates to us in our lives. Sometimes we act a certain way because we imagine that is the way those around us would want us to act. This rarely works. People who know us know when we are being authentic. Even if they may not notice, or do not say something, we know deep down that something is not right. It is best to be honest with ourselves and be true to our core principals. Any act might succees for a short amount of time, but it cannot last.

Being ourselves requires a sincere attitude and consistent actions, No one can maintain a facade for any length of time. It is so much easier to be ourselves and treat others with the love and respect we would like for ourselves. We must remember to “Be!” Acting requires too much energy.

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