Change “Why Me” to “What Now”

Sometimes we face really tough times. Those times come with life. The worst are often when we learn the most. I know I often do not enjoy those times, but they have opened up interesting opportunities for me. When hard things happen, it is too easy to say: “Why Me!” I learned that if I ask “What now” instead, many opportunities arise. It just takes me to change my “mindset” so that I can see those opportunities.

For me, to get out of the “Why Me” mindset, I must turn away from activities that waste my time. My downfall is Solitaire. My great excuse is that it is keeping my brain “sharp.” This time could be better spent planning a lesson for my class, relearning Danish (or some other language), or developing skills that will generate an alternate stream of income. Once time is spent, it never comes back. What do you do to overcome the “What Me” mindset?

Exercise is also a good “relaxer.” It gives me time to put my planning on the back burner. Often this leads to breakthrough ideas. It has so many other benefits. How do you transition to a state of mind that you are open to new ideas? Do you evaluate those ideas and then act on the ideas that are interesting to you? Not all ideas will pan out, but trying always eventually pays off.

I wish you all the best in changing your Why Me to What Now!

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