Abraham Lincoln, Edward Coles, Paul McCartney, and Chris Pratt

This may be an unusual collection of people, but by the end of the article, I hope I have tied the four together. I have been thinking about the best path to the future for me. I love teaching and enjoy the interaction with the students and the wonderful people with whom I work. I plan to continue to contribute to the education of our youth for as long as God gives me the strength to do so. After my seventieth birthday, I have been thinking about what is important to me. After watching Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, I have also been thinking of the importance of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, which provided for ways it could be changed to correct any injustices found therein. I believe that many of the founding fathers knew that slavery or indentured servitude of any human being was wrong, but that was the main area in which they struggled. The reason why I know that they did know what was right was in the phrase that all men are created equal. First, I will tell you a story that my mother told me when I WAS growing up. It was a story about a group of people in Chicago finding out about the problems one of my mom’s cousins in San Diego/Escondido area was having. They sent aid and comfort to him to help out where they could. Later it came out that the people who helped were descendants of slaves who were brought to Chicago by an ancestor of mom’s cousin. I was always told that the person being helped and many of the Chicago group all had the last name of Cole. Since I did meet the children of the man who was helped in Escondido, I believe that the stories were true. It was not until the internet that I was able to trace down whom I believe freed the slaves, but the internet records show an “S” at the end of this person’s name. So, I think it is the same person, but I am not 100 percent sure. The person who was friends with Thomas Jefferson and inherited the plantation was Edward Coles. It is an interesting story, and has influenced our family for many generations.

Following the story of the adoption of the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution to outlaw slavery, Steven Spielberg’s movie Lincoln deals primarily with the passing of this Amendment. It is interesting to see which party has been against slavery since its formation and most members I know in that party are for guaranteeing that all men (and women) have equal opportunity to succeed or fail. Again, the movie Lincoln is an excellent movie. The trailer is:

All men and women are created equal in the eyes of God, and we should treat others as precious children of God. Look for the positive qualities in others. Avoid untruths about others. Untruths serve no purpose except to tear the fabric of our country apart.

Paul McCartney

I recently saw a joyous video with Paul McCartney. I remember listening to the Beatles in High School. One of my best friends, Chuck Furbush, was a big Beatles fan. I remember when Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band came out, he was so excited to play it for me when I visited him at his uncle’s in Los Angeles. Lori Kristovich, who lived across the streetfrom me, also enjoyed listening to the Beatles. Ah the memories of high school. The video really shows the love Paul McCartney has for life and those around him. He is so kind to all those around him, that I am even more impressed with the person he has become even with all the fame he has achieved. May we all be so loving and caring towards others.

In some ways, it makes me feel old. In most ways, it makes me appreciate all the wonderful friends I have had and the people who have been so important to me. I know that there is no going back to the way it was in the past, that we must each build on our own experiences and the knowledge we have gained. I wish all my friends, past and present, all the love that God has in store for each of you. Enjoy reminiscing and enjoy living life to the fullest.

Chris Platt

I honestly did not think that I would be quoting something from the MTV Awards in this post, but I think it is a good way to conclude this post. I think Chris states it like he sees it, some a bit too descriptive, but overall I think what he has to say is important. I especially like rules 6, 8, and 9, and the reaction the audience has towards all the rules.

May God bless each of us and help each of us to be our very best. Treat each other as a child of God (originally typed Gold, and that may be just as true)created with the right to equal opportunities. Encourage all to be our very best.

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    Wayne Cook, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

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