Make a Choice

When we are young, we too often think that life will go on forever. It will not. People age. We each have choices we are given once. Keeping our options open only means we are making a choice. And often, it is not the choice that would be best for each of us. I have been happiest when I have made a good choice and not just do what is expected. The best choices are often the most difficult. Scott James posted a video that covers some of the areas about which I am thinking at this time.

The key is to DO SOMETHING! It will either be a great decision or a learning experience. It is sometimes our worst decisions that drives our most profound learning. Unless we are trying to bring our astronauts safely home from a failed lunar lander expedition, failure is an option. Think of watching little tykes learn to walk. How many times do they fall? They usually only cry if someone is watching and they know they will get sympathy. Otherwise, they are up and trying to walk instantly. We should treat our failures the same way. Analyze them, find out what went wrong, and then correct that problem. Failure unanalyzed is a problem, as is not trying at all. I remember learning to ride a bike, My why for doing so was that I did not want training wheels put on my bicycle. I failed a whole bunch of times. I was glad I was wearing long pants. We should treat life a lot like learning to walk or learning to ride a bicycle. Just go out and do it, celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. None of us need to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves for not achieving some goal or making a mistake. It is all part of life, and the fun in life is going out and living it fully, helping others, and sharing life with the people we find important. We all need to love failure as a learning experience and celebrate all successes of our own and each of the people about whom we care. Get off of the electronic devices and be an important person in the lives of those around us. Celebrate LIFE!

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